Edmonton's real estate market is attractive to investors

Edmonton’s real estate market has been heating up since the end of the lockdown last spring, and investors are noticing, eyeing the market for its value relative to larger Canadian cities.

The capital city represents a significant value opportunity where buyers can get more for their dollar than in other markets. Edmonton has experienced a multi-year decline in real estate prices due to the downturn in the oil and gas economy but the prices are very attractive right now.

Edmonton real estate produces a cash flow so you don’t need to rely as much on capital appreciation to make it a profitable investment. Investors can expect to generate positive cash of about $200 to $800 a month after costs in monthly rent based on the average price of a home in the city and investors can build equity with each mortgage payment in a marketplace where home values and rents are on the rise.

The Edmonton market has way more room to grow.

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